Gala Dinner

​The dinner will be held on Thursday, 16 June, in the Kubicki Arcades, a beautiful monumental building,  located in the Royal Castle's gardens and connected with the main building by a historic tunnel and escalators.

​Constructed in the years 1818‒27, this magnificent brick structure supported on massive openwork arcades currently is used to host various exhibitions, concerts and performances.

Please note that the Gala Dinner is an optional choice to the conference registration. Find out more about the conference programme.

About the Royal Castle

This imposing baroque building, with its history dating back to the 14th century, is one of Warsaw’s most iconic landmarks. In 1980, the Royal Castle, together with the Old Town,was registered as a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Free guided tours will be organised in the Royal Castle for Graphene Week delegates. Book your
guided tour at the Helpdesk counter placed in the University of Warsaw’s library.


The Gala Dinner will begin with an aperitif served at the internal courtyard of the Royal Castle. The event will feature a mime performance and a film music concert, presenting a selection of popular world movie themes, followed by a film music contest. The winning teams will receive a prize.

Image one : Zbigniew Panów,

Image two : Image: Andrzej Ring, Lech Sandzewicz

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