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Conference Chair’s Statement

Graphene Week, to be held in San Sebastian, Spain, on 10-14 September 2018, promises to be the go-to event for anybody working not only in graphene, but also with all kinds of two-dimensional materials and van der Waals heterostructures.

The event will include plenary sessions in which first-class keynote and invited speakers will cover the hottest topics and advances in the field. These will include photonics, optoelectronics, physical properties, electronics, growth, composites, energy, membranes and coatings, biomedical applications, and environmental issues. 

One of the highlights will be a keynote lecture by Nobel Laureate Andre Geim with an update on what is going on with graphene and related 2D materials and heterostructures this year. The other keynote speakers will be Harry Atwater from Caltech in the US, well-known for his contributions in the field of nanophotonics; George Duesburg from Munich speaking on growth; Clare Grey from Cambridge on energy; and Arben Merkoci from the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience on biosensors and biomedical applications.

Fringe sessions will include an open forum, workshops on ethics and publishing, Women in Graphene, poster sessions and three parallel workshops covering fundamentals, applications and synthesis, growth, functionalization, production, and sustainability.

The fundamental science behind graphene related materials is key at Graphene Week--as it helps to explore new concepts that will lead to the applications of the future--but there will also be a focus on applied science (electronic devices, sensors, flexible electronics, biomedical applications, composites, energy storage, etc.) and a focus on graphene for a sustainable future, including renewable energies.

Finally, there will be an Industry Forum with three tracks: standarization, industrialization and innovation.

Industry will also be represented by invited speakers, oral contributions and exhibitors from Fiat, Talga, Merck, Basf, Fujitsu, Sumitomo and name a few.

A special effort is being made this year to combine an excellent program, including speakers from all over the world, with the organization of specific workshops with new collaborators: A Korea-EU flagship workshop, a workshop of the European Space Agency and a US-EU meeting that is being organized by Vladimir Falko from the University of Manchester in the EU and Alan Seabaugh from the University of Notre Dame in the US.

All this is combined with a host city, San Sebastian, located at the heart of Spain’s Basque Country next to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees. Well known as a tourist destination, San Sebastian is becoming more and more a city of science and technology, with new research centres, first-class scientists from around the world and the support of strong industrial activity in the region.

Conference Chair Jose M. Pitarke

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