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Cinzia Casiraghi Looks Forward to Graphene Week 2018

"Attending Graphene Week offers a unique opportunity to interact with the whole Graphene Flagship community and with the major leaders from both academia and industry, to see exciting results and to develop new ideas," says Cinzia Casiraghi from The University of Manchester. "I do also appreciate the Women in Graphene workshop—an excellent opportunity for female scientists to get together and provide support and advice."

At Graphene Week 2018, "I will give an overview of our recent work on water-based and biocompatible 2D-material inks," Casiraghi says. "Our focus has moved from the optimisation of the inks, obtained by careful formulation engineering, to their use in devices. In particular we are working on the development of both passive or active printed components towards the achievement of a 2D-only fully printed integrated circuit. If time allows, I will also show preliminary results related to possible biomedical applications of such inks."

"I look forward to hearing the latest exciting results from my colleagues and developing new collaborations to further expand the applications of our water-based 2D inks. Apart from the science, I also look forward to the delicious cuisine of the Basque Country."

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Publishing date: 16 October 2018 14:53