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Graphene Week an Excellent Forum for Reaching Innovators

Photo by: Thomas Tolstrup

Ulla Birgitte Vogel, a professor at Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø, is excited to speak at Graphene Week conference to be held in San Sebastian, Spain, on 10-14 September 2018. 

"As a toxicologist in nanosafety, I really look forward to being able to disseminate knowledge on safe use of nanomaterials to a lot of scientists who work with nanomaterials," Vogel says. "Graphene Week is an excellent forum because it will allow me to reach a large forum of innovators. If innovators know which physico-chemical properties to avoid, they can make [productssafe-by-design by making the right decisions."

At Graphene Week 2018, "I will be speaking about nanosafety in relation to graphene nanomaterials," she adds. "Inhalation exposure to inhalable particles is the most important health risk for most nanomaterials. Nanoparticles are more toxic to inhale than larger particles with the same chemical composition. I will try to give an overview of the current knowledge on nanomaterial toxicology with a focus on inhalation of graphene nanomaterials with a focus on diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease and for which physico-chemical properties of the nanomaterials predict the risk of disease."

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Publishing date: 25 October 2018 15:37