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Graphene Week is the Place to Discuss Advances in the Field, says Vittorio Pellegrini

"Graphene Week is the conference where scientists and engineers meet to decide what the promising applications for graphene are," says Graphene Flagship Energy Storage Work Package Leader Vittorio Pellegrini of the Italian Institute of Technology of Graphene Week, the Flagship's annual conference to be held 10-14 September in San Sebastian, Spain. 

"It is the place to address advances in the field and state of the art technology, and the forum that best combines technology with fundamental science," he adds.  

At this year's conference, Pellegrini looks forward to hearing more about other 2D materials. "It is now time to go beyond graphene and talk about other 2D materials like boron nitride—there have been a number of fundamental studies and breaktrhoughs in these fields," Pellegrini says. 

At Graphene Week 2018 Pellegrini will be presenting his research on a new generation of lithium ion batteries that use graphene and silicon for new anodes and can significantly increase the batteries' capacity. "We have promising results that I will be presenting at Graphene Week," he says. "With these anodes, charging batteries could take a much shorter time. We are working with several companies to scale up this technology for industrial applications.

The impact of this research goes beyond mobile electronics, as lithium ion batteries are now being extensively used in automotive applications as well, he notes.

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Publishing date: 16 October 2018 14:53