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Master Your Elevator Pitch: Promote Your Research

14:30, Tuesday, 24 September 

Scientists are no longer confined to the walls of laboratories but are now ambassadors of their own ideas. At Graphene Week 2019, early career researchers are invited to learn how to master their elevator pitch at this interactive workshop.

Today, scientists must be able to express their ideas elegantly and translate their exciting fields of research into a quick presentation for businesses and industry. During this session, we will be joined by former BBC reporter, Jane Bennett-Powell, who will deliver practical advice on how to work on messaging and enlighten the idea behind your research, so that others see the value and necessity for it.

The interactive workshop is specifically designed by the Graphene Flagship for early career researchers to ensure they develop their business and communication skills — as well as their undeniable scientific talent.

Master your elevator pitch — promote your research will held on Tuesday 24 September at 14:30.


Jane Bennett-Powell, former BBC reporter

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Publishing date: 23 April 2020 12:02