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Funding opportunities: Graphene in space

14:30, Wednesday, 25 September

Curious about the potential of graphene in space? We’ve teamed up with the European Space Agency (ESA) to deliver new funding opportunities for this niche area of materials research. This will be presented by Jason Hatton, from the European Space Agency, and Biliyar Bhat, from NASA, at Graphene Week 2019, held on Wednesday 25 September at 14.30.

Graphene for space application is a lesser discussed area of expertise, but holds great potential in providing answers to today’s space-related challenges. In a bid to attract more research to the area, the Graphene Flagship is encouraging funding to the entire industry to investigate graphene research for space applications.

During this session, representatives from the National Graphene Association (NGA), ESA and NASA will ask one another questions, in preparation for the collaboration in space between Europe and the United States. Attendees will also be able to put forward questions to the industry representatives, to find out how their own research could help ease the current limitations of space travel.

During this session, we will discuss the different challenges that space faces — which cannot be solved by existing technology and materials, but may be solved by graphene. To attend, simply visit Graphene Week 2019.


Jason Hatton, European Space Agency
Biliyar Bhat, NASA

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