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GRACE — Methods for the Electrical Characterization of Graphene

​15:30, Thursday, 26 September

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The GRACE — Methods for the Electrical Characterization of Graphene workshop, held on Thursday 26 September 2019 at 15:30, will provide an important opportunity to gain step-by-step methodology of characterising graphene’s electrical properties. The workshop comes ahead of the publication of official best practice guidance, which will be published by GRACE next year.

Graphene is set to enhance the next generation of electronics. However, the 2D nature of graphene requires standardised electrical characterisation methods before the material can be adopted into electronic products on a mass scale. 

Producing large area graphene-based products with uniform electrical properties relies on accurate and reproducible characterisation methods — something the industry is currently lacking.

During the GRACE workshop at Graphene Week 2019, standardised and reproducible electrical characterisation methods will be outlined in-depth, explaining the possibility of the high throughput of commercial electronics on a mass industrial scale.

“During this session, ten individual methods with be explained, covering a range of contact, non-contact and high-speed methods,” explained Alexandra Fabricius, DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies and coordinator of the GRACE workshop. “Targeting industry representatives and end users, visitors will gain insight in how to follow the good practice guide to measuring graphene’s electrical characteristics, with clear and actionable steps to implement these methods.

“It is crucial that the industry has common methods, implemented correctly with accurate and reproducible results. Aiding large scale manufacturing of the next generation of electronics, this will enable customers to compare characterisation methods from different manufacturers and to carry out effective quality control of products. This is essential to gain accurate insight into key electrical variables, such as sheet resistance and atom mobility.”

The standardised methodology will be presented in the first half of the session at Graphene Week 2019. Following this, the audience is welcomed to ask questions and the discuss common challenges of electrical characterisation, particularly in industrial environments with varying environmental factors.

For accurate, comparable and reproducible methodology in graphene’s electrical characterisation based on GRACE’s best practise guides, be a part of the GRACE workshop on Thursday 26 September at 15:30.

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