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Publishing Collaboration for the Graphene Flagship

14:30, Thursday 26 September

Working in collaboration with IOP Publishing, the Graphene Flagship is proud to announce a new workshop for Graphene Week 2019.

Held on Thursday 26 September at 14:30, the session will discuss the reporting of graphene research and launch several exciting initiatives between IOP and the Graphene Flagship. Alex Wotherspoon, publisher at IOP Publishing, will be in attendance to discuss these new collaborations.

An exciting project of this collaboration is a special edition of the Journal of Physics: Materials (JPhys Materials) in which all authors of this issue are women. As an advocate for encouraging women in materials science and organiser of the annual Women in Graphene conference, the Graphene Flagship is thrilled to be a part of this joint project.

The IOP Publishing session also marks the official launch of Synthesis of Graphene Production and Processing of Graphene and Related Materials — a 500-page white book produced by the Graphene Flagship.

Encompassing over 1,500 references and the knowledge of 70 co-authors from the Graphene Flagship, the objective of the book is to provide a single source of knowledge on graphene and other two-dimensional materials.

IOP Publishing in partnership with the Graphene Flagship will be held on Thursday 26 September at 14:30 at Graphene Week 2019.


Vladimir Fal'ko, The University of Manchester, on 2D Materials 
Stephan Roche, Catalan Institute of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, on Journal of Physical Materials 
Mar Garcia Hernandez, CSIC, on white book: Synthesis of Graphene Production and Processing of Graphene and Related Materials
Andrea Ferrari, University of Cambridge, on Graphene Flagship Technology and Innovation Roadmap publication

The talks will be followed by a 20-30 minute panel discussion.

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