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Success Stories of Graphene Applications by Associated Members

14:30, Wednesday, 25 September

At the Success Stories of Graphene Applications by Associated Members session at Graphene Week 2019, on Wednesday 25 September at 14:30, visitors will meet businesses leading the way in applying graphene to their processes and operations.

Graphene Flagship associate members (AM) and partnering projects (PP) collaborate closely with the Flagship, to develop and integrate graphene in their processes.

During this vibrant event, short success stories will be illustrated by five Partnering Division members who will present their leading-edge technological results in the field of graphene related materials, exploring the hottest topics influencing the field. Short frames of 8 minutes each about the boosting for innovation, from research to production, exploring the newest trends.

What can these great examples teach the wider community about the commercialisation of graphene? At this session, visitors gain access to a wealth of information on tangible examples of graphene industrialisation and how graphene can be applied successfully.

The session will be chaired by Andrea Ferrari, Science and Technology Officer and chair of the Management Panel of the Graphene Flagship. 


Jan Erik Hanssen from Graphitene, based in the United Kingdom, will speak about the 'Recent novel applications of nanocarbon platelets'.

Suhao Li from Versarien, based in the United Kingdom, will speak about the 'Commercialisation of graphene-based composites and coatings'.

Giovanni Della Rossa from Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera in Italy will talk about 'Grapholymer: Graphene in Polymer via Extrusion, Coating, Lamination, Foaming. From laboratory compounding to industrial scale up production'.

Alaa Omrane from TetraPak, based in Italy, will share their expertise on the packaging industry, with a talk on 'Graphene opportunities in the packaging industry'.

Marko Spasenovic from ICTM Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Serbia, will outline its work on 'Gas sensors made from thin films of 2D materials produced with liquid phase exfoliation and Langmuir-Blodgett assembly'.

Ready to learn from industry leaders? Ready to find new collaborations and synergies for breakthroughs? Attend on Wednesday 25 September at 14:30, at Graphene Week 2019.

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