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JEC World 2020

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JEC World 2020

NOTE​: Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, 
JEC World has been CANCELLED

EU-Funded Graphene Flagship showcases new composite materials at JEC World 2020 in Paris.

At JEC World 2020 in Paris, the Graphene Flagship will showcase graphene-enabled composites that are currently applied in a wide variety of industries, from the production of more efficient bike tires to the creation of materials that will revolutionise the construction industry like electrically conductive cement. Moreover, the Graphene Flagship exhibition will include aircrafts components that have been doped with graphene to decrease weight while improving efficiency and aerodynamics, samples of graphene-based composite masterbatches ready to be incorporated into traditional production methods, and commercially available shoes with a graphene-enabled composite sole that increases resistance and durability.

Vincenzo Palermo, Vice-Director of the Graphene Flagship, explains: “We are very pleased to see a strong interest and support from key European players such as Airbus, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles or Lufthansa in the Graphene Flagship activities. This suggests how suitable graphene and related materials’ composites applications already are, both in terms of production scale and technological maturity, for EU strategic sectors like the aerospace and automotive industries.”

Interested in attending JEC World 2020?

The Graphene Flagship is thrilled to offer associated members and partners a limited amount of free entrance visitors’ badges to JEC World 2020.

To apply for a free pass please send an email to including your name, email, phone number and day(s) you wish to attend. 

We can also offer a 20% discount to Graphene Flagship consortium members to attend the Technical conferences of the JEC World 2020, and the 50% discount for all Graphene Flagship consortium members to access JEC Publications (excluding the 2020 Observer publications). 

A sneak peek of some of the Graphene Flagship Demos which will be shown at JEC World 2020

Inov-8's G-Grip Running and Hiking Shoes, CNR's graphene-based heaters and Vittoria Industries's graphene reinforced rubber compound and carbon composite wheel are just some of the demos which will be shown at JEC World (Hall5, Stand A74).

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