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Looking Forward to Graphene Week 2017

​By Sophia Lloyd

Graphene Week is the Flagship’s largest annual event, showcasing state-of-the-art research from global leaders in graphene technologies. Conference chair Costas Galiotis tell us what he’s looking forward to at Graphene Week 2017.

​Graphene Week, the annual conference of the Graphene Flagship, features global leaders and experts in research and development of technologies based on graphene and related materials (GRMs). Held in one of the world’s oldest cities, the Greek capital of Athens, between 25-29 September, Graphene Week 2017 will offer a wide-ranging scientific programme as well as technology exhibitions and innovation sessions focusing directly on graphene technologies for real-world applications.

Covering fundamental and applied research, Graphene Week is an excellent opportunity to discover the latest GRM research results and the state of the art in GRM-based technologies. Topics will include graphene for energy research, electronic devices, synthesis and biomedicine and safety, with invited talks from key international figures in research and industry. Costas Galiotis, of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Greece, is the Graphene Week 2017 Conference Chair. “The best thing about Graphene Week will be the diversity of topics and applications to be presented in oral and poster sessions. Indeed, the amazing properties of graphene and other GRMs are still being studied and new findings emerge constantly. On the application front, Graphene is currently being tested in a whole range of technologies and the results are promising”.

Graphene research is moving from fundamental science towards high technology applications, as the varied conference programme indicates. “Graphene Week in Athens will be the best forum for both excellent graphene science and applied technologies. Over 35 eminent plenary speakers will cover every new aspect of graphene science and technology, with special sessions such as the Innovation Forum and the Industrial Exhibition focusing on innovative research and transforming research into technologies,” said Galiotis.

World-leading researchers will present plenary sessions, including Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov (University of Manchester, UK), Jose Garrido (ICN2, Spain), Andrea Ferrari (University of Cambridge, UK), Michael Crommie (Berkeley, US), Antonio Castro-Neto (National University of Singapore, Singapore) and Hong Jun Gao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China). Topics include energy, nanocomposites, optoelectronics, biomedicine and many other applications in which GRMs are making an impact. Alongside the colourful scientific programme will be Fringe Sessions and Innovation Forums focusing on commercialisation and key considerations in taking graphene technologies from the laboratory to the factory floor.

Graphene Week is an excellent opportunity for students and younger researchers to take advantage of the global graphene community, as well as present their own research. The Graphene Flagship are offering €200 in grants towards registration fees for up to 125 students. “It is very important to support students and young researchers and we expect the conference to be buzzing with young people presenting their work and making great contacts with eminent scientists and industrial companies.”

The meeting will be held in the Divani Caravel Hotel in the heart of Athens, with views of the Acropolis of Athens. The spectacular surroundings of Athens – with its long and rich philosophical history – is an ideal place to inspire discussions and new ideas in emerging graphene technologies. Galiotis added “We are looking forward to welcoming Graphene Week to the city of Athens, where ancient technology, art and culture meet the science and technology of the 21st century.”

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