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2019's Top Ten Graphene News

​By: Graphene Flagship

This recap of last year's best articles will get you up to speed on the most exciting breakthroughs in graphene in the past year.

10. Graphene goes to space

The Graphene Flagship participates in a sounding-rocket launch in collaboration with the European Space Agency to test the printing of graphene devices in space.

9. Smog-eating graphene composite reduces atmospheric pollution

A graphene-titania photocatalyst degrades up to 70% more atmospheric NOx than standard titania nanoparticles in tests on real pollutants.

8. Cost effective, large scale graphene with AIXTRON systems

Graphene Flagship industrial partner AIXTRON showcased two new systems that enable graphene production for consumer electronics, sensors, and photonics, and bring the cost of graphene films down by two orders of magnitude.

7. The Leading Edge: Graphene Flagship leads the way in graphene composites for aerospace applications

Graphene Flagship partners produced a leading edge part for an Airbus A350 using graphene, making it thinner and lighter, and consequently reducing costs, fuel and CO₂ emissions.

6. Graphene and related materials safety: human health and the environment

Graphene Flagship researchers reviewed the current research into the safety of graphene and related materials looking at both human health and environmental impact.

5. Graphene and boron nitride 'sandwich' key to new electronics

Graphene Flagship researchers managed to carve out graphene to nanoscale dimensions, solving one of the main challenges towards effective nano-electronics.

4. High volume, high power graphene supercapacitors

Graphene Flagship partners Thales and M-SOLV developed a large scale spray coating tool capable of meeting the high volume manufacturing requirements for high power graphene supercapacitors to be used in aeronautical and space industries.

3. Graphene sensors can hear your brain whisper

A new graphene sensor records brain activity at extremely low frequencies could lead to new treatments for epilepsy

2. Graphene turns 15 on track to deliver on its promises

In a special Nature Nanotechnology issue, the Graphene Flagship analyses the current graphene landscape and its market forecast for the following decade.

1. Graphene-based technology for wearable health monitoring, food inspection and night vision

Graphene-enabled fitness band measures heart rate, hydration, oxygen saturation, breathing rate and temperature. The technology will be showcased at MWC19.

Happy New Year!

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