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Celebrating Europe Day with a fresh new look

​By: Graphene Flagship

The Graphene Flagship refreshes its brand and social media presence to reflect its progressive work. Now, we have more wind in our sails!

The Graphene Flagship is one of the largest research initiatives ever funded by the European Union. For that reason, we picked Europe Day to announce our refreshed brand and social media presence.

More wind in our sails

Our new logotype is more than just a small rebranding. First, because it has been carefully redesigned to better reflect our positive and progressive spirit. Take a closer look – our boat now has more wind in its sails, pushing it to the forefront of European innovation. The waves are now bigger, but our boat is confident it can sail into a successful future. We reshaped the logo to a perfect hexagon, making it easier to implement in marketing materials and designs. The adjusted logo will also work much better in smaller sizes. And, on top of that, it is more beautiful, elegant, and eye-catching!

A unified brand

The new logo comes along with a broader brand refresh that will help us better depict the multidisciplinary activities of the Graphene Flagship. The iconic blue boat will now be the image of all our events – Graphene Study, Graphene Week, Graphene Connect – and initiatives such as the Spearhead Projects or the just released Diversity in Graphene. This not only shows a more unified approach for all our actions, but also allows us to prepare for a bright future where the Graphene Flagship will become an even broader European consortium and a reference in the field of graphene and related layered materials.

Simpler social media

Our social media channels had a variety of different usernames, which made it hard to find us. Now, we have unified our identity across all platforms: we are GrapheneEU. It is clearer and, like our newly refreshed brand, more inclusive to the different initiatives carried out within the Graphene Flagship framework. Plus, it better reflects our European heart.


Europe Day

We are revealing this fresh brand on 9 May, Europe Day. Because we are a European initiative, with over 230 partners and associate members from across the continent working together to bring graphene to industry. Our commitment with European innovation is now stronger than ever – we have funded eleven industry-led Spearhead Projects, promoted by key players in automotive, aeronautics, energy, sustainability and technology, and pioneered the creation of several spin-offs and the launch of graphene-enabled prototypes and products. 

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Publishing date: 12 May 2020 11:44