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Graphene Flagship in the Media


31 January 2019, Madr+d, Spain
Electronic circuits with graphene immune to moisture

24 January 2019, Science Daily, UK
Graphene can hear your brain whisper

22 January 2019, Science Daily, UK
Graphene and related materials safety: Human health and the environment

11 January 2019, Phys.Org, USA
Graphene's spectacular performance in high-speed optical communications


28 December 2018,, Italy
5G, graphene time for the networks of the future

27 December 2018,, France
Biomedical advances thanks to the use of graphene

27 December 2018, La Stampa, Italy
The first plant to produce graphene in Genoa will rise near the rubble of the Morandi bridge

11 December 2018, Phys.Org, USA
Cutting and pasting with graphene


30 November 2018,, Italy
Ericsson e 5G, abbiamo provato la nuova tecnologia

28 November 2018, PR Newswire, US
Global Graphene-enhanced Composites Market: Focus on Composite Type

20 November 2018,, Italy
European Commissioner Moedas: "In an era of fake news, we invest 100 billion in research

16 November 2018,, US
Graphene to power higher resolution, energy-efficient electronic displays

16 November 2018, Agencia SINC, Spain
How water changes the nanoworld


24 October 2018, Clubic, France
Graphene: is the revolution (finally) for tomorrow?

18 October 2018, Phys.Org, US
Graphenes effects on the lungs

16 October 2018, Science Daily, US
Exploring new spintronics device functionalities in graphene heterostructures

12 October 2018, Phys.Org, US
Graphene shows unique potential to exceed bandwidth demands of future telecommunications


18 September 2018, Agenica SNIC, Spain
Created inks that are converted into electronic circuits

18 September 2018, La Vanguardia, Spain
How graphene can help us go further in space exploration

15 September 2018, Agenica SINC, Spain
Whatever happened to graphene? The answer is in San Sebastian

14 September 2018, El Pais, France
The European race to control the miraculous material

13 September 2018, La Vanguardia, Spain
"We are not yet aware of the full potential of graphene"


1 August 2018, El Pais, Spain
A little bit of sugar so we can put graphene in our blood

2 August 2018, Network World, US
Computing should be based on light, not electricity, scientists say

6 August 2018, Research and Development, US
Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Graphite

14 August 2018, Research and Development, US
Molecule Undergoes Chemical Transformations

14 August 2018, Science Daily, US
Flipping the switch on supramolecular electronics

​15 August 2018, Investing News Network Daily, Canada
What Factors Impact Graphene Cost?

20 August 2018, FastWeb, Italy
Graphene, how they will change smatphone and wearable

20 August 2018,, US
Graphene phase modulators hold the key to faster mobile technology

21 August 2018, New Electronics, UK
Graphene phase modulators could hold the key to faster mobile technology

23 August 2018, Engineering News and Analysis, US
Biodegradable Graphene Key to Successful Biomedical Devices

23 August 2018, Research and Development, US
A Human Enzyme Can Biodegrade Graphene

​23 August 2018, Science Daily, US
A human enzyme can biodegrade graphene

​27 August 2018,Focus It, Italy
Graphene: between medicine and fashion


27 July 2018, Nanowerk, US
On the edge: turning graphene into a molecular toggle switch

23 July 2018, Open PR, Germany
Graphene Wafers Market Size & Share - Industry Trend and Forecast 2016 - 2024

19 July 2018, Science Business, United States
Leading legislator on Horizon Europe sets out his vision for the programme

18 July 2018, ItaliaPerMe, Italy
Batteries - Italian research on graphene for fast refills

​17 July 2018, ChipIn, UK
Graphene Flagship – Pushing the Graphene Revolution Forward

17 July 2018, Revista Q, Mexico
More applications for graphene!

12 July 2018, Open PR, Germany
Graphene Market is expected to show significant growth over the forecast period

11 July 2018, Unimondo, Italy
The photovoltaics that will ...

6 July 2018, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Research in 2D materials boosted

​4 July 2018, Before It's News, US
Graphene-based neurological solutions are getting closer to reality

​2 July 2018,, Spain
The Cooperation and Development Summit of the China-Europe graphene industry of CIGIU is celebrated


​25 June 2018, Edgy Labs Home, United States
Graphene Batteries are the Future of Energy Storage

​22 June 2018, Tiscali, Italy
In Grafene, a property that will revolutionize communications

22 June 2018, News of Science and Technology, Spain
The properties of water change at the nanoscale

21 June 2018, Science Daily, US
Water can be very dead, electrically speaking

20 June 2018, Gulf News, United Arab Emirates
Graphene set to reshape the world of electronics materials

​18 June 2018, The Independant, UK
Graphene battery charges in just five minutes

15 June 2018,, US
Graphene makes its mark on gas separation

13 June 2018,, Italy
A graphene mat to help neurons communicate

13 June 2018, Science Daily, United States
Graphene carpets: So neurons communicate better

6 June 2018, News of Science and Technology, Spain
The little android with sense of touch

5 June 2018, Research in Germany, Germany
Photoexcited graphene puzzle solved


​30 May 2018, Techniques de L'Ingenieur, France
Space propulsion: The great fair to ideas!

​27 May 2018, Interesting Engineering, Turkey
17 Devices And New Technologies as Small as Computer Chip or Business Card

​25 May 2018, Campo Grande News, Brazil
A capsule that watches the digestive tract on the cell phone

22 May 2018, Wired.It, Italy
Graphene, discovering a new and revolutionary property: projecting light

22 May 2018,, United States
Tunable third harmonic generation in graphene paves the way to high-speed optical communications and signal processing

​22 May 2018, Research and Development, United States
Creating a Graphene-Based Neural Interface

​22 May 2018, Science Daily, United States
Graphene paves the way to faster high-speed optical communications

​16 May 2018, Lasexta, Spain
How to introduce graphene into our body without causing rejection

16 May 2018, Meteoweb, Italy
Medicine: Graphene laser microscope, among the developers a team of La Sapienza

16 May 2018, Next Big Thing, United States
Graphene confines light to one atom to enable ultra small optical switches, detectors and sensors

​14 May 2018, Batiweb, France
Grâce au graphène - Thanks to Graphene

​14 May 2018, Photonics Online, United States
The Photoexcited Graphene Puzzle Solved

​14 May 2018, Facts Week, United States
Graphene Market Best Productivity Supply Chain Relationship, Development by 2025

11 May 2018, Science Daily, United States
A boost for graphene-based light detectors: Photoexcited graphene puzzle solved

7 May 2018, Printed Electronics Now, United States
The Graphene Flagship General Assembly 2018


27 April 2018, Engerati, United States
Supercapacitors – the storage breakthrough for electric vehicles?

26 April 2018, Interesting Engineering, Turkey
Researchers Use Graphene to Confine Light to the One-Atom Limit

25 April 2018, Engerati, United States
Storage solutions that will change the EV landscape

20 April 2018, Engineering News & Analysis, United States
Graphene Enables Breakthrough for Light Confinement

10 April 2018, Bloomberg, United States
Once-Hot Material Graphene Could Be Next Battery Breakthrough

10 April 2018, ABN Newswire, Australia
Greatcell Solar Limited Awarded 500,000 Euros in EU Horizon 2020 Project

9 April 2018, Manager24, Poland
An optical food analyzer will check the composition of food products

1 April 2018, Clique F5, Brazil
Graphene - A material that promises worldwide technology


29 March 2018, Technology and Research News, United States
Researchers Define Mechanism for Manufacturing Graphene from Graphite

24 March 2018,, France
Graphene battery: Charge a smartphone in 7 seconds!

23 March 2018, Frogheart,Canada
Canada’s ‘Smart Cities’ will need new technology (5G wireless) and, maybe, graphene

23 March 2018, Askanews, Italy
Quantum engineering, future computers designed atom by atom

20 March 2018, Elektronik Praxis, Germany
New quantum dots allow quantum computers to calculate more efficiently

19 March 2018, IEEE Spectrum, United States
Mobile World Congress 2018: The Tangled Fate of Graphene and 5G

17 March 2018, La Repú, Peru
This is how graphene works, the most requested product by technology companies

14 March 2018, CNET, France
Want to recharge your smartphone in 7 seconds? Patience, graphene batteries arrives.

9 March 2018,, Bolivia
Sectors that benefit from graphene


​28 February 2018,, United Kingdom
Ultra-fast graphene photonics powers next-gen datacoms

​27 February 2018, Tech Site, British Indian Ocean Territory
Ultra-fast graphene photonics for next generation datacomms

​23 February 2018, Compound Semiconductor, United Kingdom
Researchers Use Boron Nitride To Turn Light Upside Down

23 February 2018, Nutesla - The Informant, Italy
The first photonic device capable of speeding up fiber connections is realized in Pisa

22 February 2018,, United States
Zero gravity graphene promises success in space

​22 February 2018, Il portale ufficiale della Toscana - Intoscana, Italy
The computer will be faster thanks to a computer optical modulator

​8 February 2018, Informations Dienst Wissenschaft, Germany
Fraunhofer ISI honors outstanding achievements

​7 February 2018, The Pick, Australia
Graphene’s Properties Have Been Tested in Micro-Gravity for the First Time


30 January 2018, Global, United States
Graphene oxide is ‘sensed’ by specialised defence cells

29 January 2018, Ecogel Cronos, Spain
Graphene girders extend the life of lithium-ion batteries

​26 January 2018, Science Daily, United States
Graphene oxide is ‘sensed’ by specialized cells of the immune system

​22 January 2018, Naturea United Kingdom
Giant photoeffect in proton transport through graphene membranes

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