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Graphene Flagship partner Cambridge Raman Imaging gains new investment

​By: Graphene Flagship

The spin-off started a collaboration with a major medical technology company, progressing towards commercialising its innovative graphene-enabled scanning Raman microscope.

Graphene Flagship spin-off Cambridge Raman Imaging has received an investment of €275,000 to support the development of graphene-based ultrafast lasers. These devices will be used in a novel medical microscope to diagnose and track tumours, among other applications.

The graphene-enabled microscope will generate real-time digital images of tissue samples using Raman spectroscopy to differentiate between healthy and diseased tissue, and show the extent of tumours, their response to drug treatments, and allow surgeons to determine whether a cancer has been completelyremoved. Graphene and layered materials enable two fibre-based pico-second lasers to be synchronised in time. This architecture is much lower in cost than conventional solid-state systems.

Cambridge Raman Imaging was also recognised as an official spin-offof Graphene Flagship partner Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and provided office space and state-of-the-art laboratories there.  This will also allow Cambridge Raman Imaging to be incubated by PoliHub, one of the best University incubators in Europe.

Paul Mantle, Cambridge Raman Imaging Director, explains: "The announcements we are making today – the collaboration, the investment, the appointment of Dr Negro as Chief Technology Officer and the membership and support of PoliHub – are all important steps for Cambridge Raman Imaging. We look forward to  bringing its technology to market at pace." 

Giulio Cerullo, from Graphene Flagship Partner Politecnico di Milano and co-founder of Cambridge Raman Imaging, says: "It is exciting to see how basic research into the optoelectronic properties of graphene can be translated into a commercial product with potential impact on healthcare, enabling improvements to the accuracy of diagnostics and therapy for a variety of diseases."

Marco Romagnoli, Leader of the Graphene Flagship Electronics and Photonics Integration Division, comments: "It is noteworthy how graphene can implement the accurate synchronization of two independent ultrashort pulse laser sources, operating at two different wavelengths. And all of this happens without any electronic controls."

Kari Hjelt, Head of Innovation of the Graphene Flagship, adds: "The CRIL innovation shows the power of graphene in optoelectrical applications and testifies the progress made in bringing graphene from laboratories to the factory floor. This investment is yet another signal of investors appreciating graphene's potential over conventional materials."

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Publishing date: 28 August 2020 08:40