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Graphene Flagship welcomes new Partnering Project SIO Grafen

​By: Letizia Diamante

SIO Grafen aims to raise industrial interest in graphene research in Sweden, forging connections between Swedish and European graphene ecosystems

The Graphene Flagship Management Panel has approved SIO Grafen as a new Partnering Project in the Graphene Flagship consortium. SIO Grafen has supported Swedish companies and academic institutions working on graphene since 2014. With the ambitious goal of making Sweden one of the top countries in the world to deploy graphene into an industrial setting, SIO Grafen funds collaborative research and innovation projects in areas with strong industrial interest, such as composites, electronics, optoelectronics and coatings.

This strategic innovation programme has already invested approximately €20 million across 117 projects, involving 160 organizations in total, with a significant percentage of small and medium-sized enterprises. They expect to invest about the same amount in innovation projects over the next six years.

"Becoming a partnering project of the Graphene Flagship makes the connection between the Swedish and European graphene ecosystems even stronger," says Elisabeth Sagström-Bäck, SIO Grafen leader. "We want Graphene Flagship partners to discover the great diversity of high-level Swedish graphene innovation, hopefully creating new business opportunities for graphene in Europe." She also hopes to encourage more Associate Members from Sweden to join the Graphene Flagship consortium.

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Publishing date: 22 October 2020 15:45