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Graphene Week Offers a Unique Experience, Nobel Laureate Says

With a growing number of graphene related events to choose from, why should scientists, researchers, students and industry representatives choose the Graphene Flagship’s Graphene Week to be held in San Sebastian, Spain, 10-14 September 2018?

“Graphene Week is the only graphene conference that has a large focus on fundamental science in addition to the applications, a balance other conferences don’t have, making it unique in the landscape of graphene events,” says Konstantin Novoselov, Graphene Flagship strategic advisory council member, member of the Graphene Week 2018 Scientific Advisory Board and recipient of the Noble Prize in Physics. 

The event should be valuable for students, as well as researchers, as the past year has produced a number of exciting breakthroughs in graphene and 2D materials that will be presented at the conference. Industry representatives from Europe and abroad will be present along with high profile speakers, reporting recent breakthroughs, including Andre Geim of the The University of Manchester, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dimitri Basov of Columbia University. 

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Publishing date: 06 April 2018 15:00