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Join the Graphene Flagship Core 3 Spearhead Project GICE

The Graphene Flagship is looking for a new partner that brings in specific industrial and technology transfer competences or capabilities that complement the present consortium of the Spearhead Project GICE.

We are seeking a partner with the following expertise and capabilities:

1) Sustainable production of GRMs on the scale of 10kg/month (following ISO/TS 80004-13:2017(en) material specifications for graphene flakes). The proposed production process must be in operation commercially or be linked with an existing commercial entity using the technology proposed here to ensure large scale material delivery (at the level of 10 tonnes/year) sufficient to cover the graphene needs of a large aerospace company

2) GRM-based ink formulations suitable for spray deposition (preferred) or brush painting (acceptable) of coatings under standard paint shop conditions, with good adhesion on different substrates (polymers, carbon and glass fibre composites, metals)

3) Graphene-based, thermoelectric heatable coatings. The targeted range of heat power densities is 10-50 kW/m2

4) Expertise in soldering electrical connectors (using tin-based solder) to nanocarbon elements (expertise must be demonstrated via existing publications or patents)

5) Demonstrated capability of integrating GRM-based heating elements in representative aerospace components

The newly selected partner will be incorporated in the Core 3 Project under the Horizon 2020 phase of the Graphene Flagship, which will run during 1 April 2020 - 31 March 2023. The new partners will be asked to sign the relevant agreement with the European Commission.

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View the eligibility criteria and full description of the competencies the Graphene Flagship is seeking here:


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