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Meet the human of the future

​By: Melanie Lawson (Graphene Flagship)

Graphene-enabled technologies expand the realm of possibility within the biomedical and wearable electronics sectors.

This infographic summarises different applicatons of graphene and layered materials for health, biotech and wearable technologies. You can download it as a PDF here (527 KB) or enjoy it in the 2020 edition of our recently published Graphene Magazine

Furthermore, if you're interested in the applications of graphene for healthcare, check out our upcoming 'Graphene For Healthcare' event this Thursday 15th October. It will feature Nigel Clarke, an expert from the European Patent Office who has explored the applications of graphene in medical technologies by analysing patent applications in Europe and beyond; and Carolina Aguilar, Chief Executive Officer of INBRAIN Technologies, a Graphene Flagship spin-off that develops graphene-based implants to optimise the treatment of brain disorders, such as Parkinson's and epilepsy. 

Registration to "Graphene For Healthcare" is free, and now open here

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Publishing date: 12 October 2020 16:35