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Stefano Borini new Leader of Partnering Division

​Stefano Borini from the UK-based company Graphitene has been appointed to lead the Graphene Flagship’s Partnering Division, representing the interests of the Flagship’s partnering projects and associated members.

Borini, who takes over after Max Lemme, is currently the business development manager at Graphitene and has a background from R&D at Nokia Technologies where he coordinated all Nokia activities within the Graphene Flagship.

“More and more innovations enabled by graphene and other 2D materials are approaching the commercialisation phase thanks to the Graphene Flagship initiative, and the Partnering Division is playing an extremely important role in this process with its associated members and partnering projects. Therefore, I'm very honoured to take the role of Head of the Partnering Division, and I'll try my best to facilitate synergies and interactions within the Flagship in order to maximise benefits and outcomes for everybody,” says Stefano Borini.

Also newly appointed in the position of deputy leader of the Partnering Division is Oguz Gülseren, who is professor of Condensed Matter Physics at Bilkent University in Turkey.

“As the Partnering Division deputy, I will put my utmost effort and high-level expertise in graphene research to represent as widely as possible the research fields of the Graphene Flagship and Partnering Division projects,” says Oguz Gülseren.

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Publishing date: 20 October 2017 13:38