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Graphene Week: Technology Extra Sessions​​

​by Siân Fogden

The Graphene Flagship announced today the addition of four exciting new sessions to the Graphene Week programme. These sessions, included in the conference fee, centre around the idea that for Graphene and other 2D materials to fulfil their potential, researchers have to be equipped with the skills needed to transfer their technology out of the laboratory.
​​​​​These sessions, which take place each afternoon during Graphene Week, are presented by leaders in each individual field and the focus is on givin​​​g the attendees the skills necessary to take their technology forward.

The first session, on the afternoon of Monday 13th June, is dedicated to road mapping graphene and other 2D materials towards electronics applications and will focus firmly on the needs and perspectives of industry.  This session will have four topics: semiconductors, telecommunications, sensors and flexible displays. Experts in each field will speak with openness and candour about their needs so that researchers and developers can see the main challenges and barriers to integration for graphene and other 2D materials within the electronics industry.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 14th June, the session will be focused around commercialisation. This session will explore how to accelerate graphene and related 2D materials through to commercialisation starting with the stages of concept development, proof of concept and validation in the lab.   The current status of a number of applications will be presented and a number of different companies, all in the middle of the commercialisation path, will talk about their experience and share their insights. This session is designed to give a thorough understanding of the commercialisation process and has talks from the points of view of investors and suppliers.  

​​​The technology extra session on Wednesday 15th focuses on materials standardisation.  The importance of standardisation for any material that is to be commercially successful cannot be overstated and there are many different issues surrounding standardisation of graphene and other 2D materials. All of these issues are explored and discussed in this session. Characterisation and reporting techniques will be talked about in detail to give a clear overview of industry norms and current standards.  For the industry to win consumer trust all companies must understand and act on these issues surrounding standardisation.

The fourth and final technology extra session on the afternoon of Thursday 16th June focuses on the fascinating and important world of Bioapplications.  With an ever increasing potential for graphene in biological applications, the importance of this session is paramount.  As researchers focus not only on the health and toxicity issues surrounding graphene and other 2D materials, but also on the way that these materials can be used to actually improve human health, the chance for commercialised products to reach the market is ever increasing.  The session will be split into two parts - looking at bio sensing both inside and outside the body - with the goal to educate attendees on these two unique and important areas.

With the introduction of these four sessions the Graphene Flagship is sending a very clear message about the direction that graphene needs to take within Europe – a direction that points directly towards commercialisation, and there has never been a more exciting or important time to attend Graphene Week 2016.  

More information about these session will be available on the Graphene Week webpage​. Don't forget to register for Graphene Week now to take advantage of the current pricing.​

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