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Prestigious Royal Society award for Graphene Flagship luminary

​By Francis Sedgemore.

Britain’s Royal Society has awarded a prestigious research professorship to Kostya Novoselov, Nobel laureate and leading light in the Graphene Flagship.

​Professor Sir Konstantin (Kostya) Novoselov FRS, Nobel laureate and graphene scientist at the University of Manchester, has been awarded a coveted Royal Society Research Professorship. The award offers long-term support to world-class scientists of outstanding achievement, so that they may focus on research. Appointments are normally made for up to 10 years, and provide salary costs, a startup grant and research expenses.

Sir Kostya is a leading light in the Graphene Flagship: an international consortium of academic and industrial partners with an interest in graphene and related two-dimensional materials. The flagship is funded in part by the European Commission, and focuses on the need for Europe to address the big scientific and technological challenges through long-term, multidisciplinary research and development efforts.

Further details on the Royal Society award are provided by the University of Manchester.

Photo: Konstantin Novoselov © University of Manchester.

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Publishing date: 27 April 2016 13:00