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​Francis Sedgemore, 8 December 2015.

Work Package 11: Production is unique among the Graphene Flagship's technical work packages, in that it does not focus on research. The three principal goals of WP11 are to provide material samples, and a link to Europe's Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies (NMP) programmes, and to deal with standardisation matters. Work package leader is Ken Teo of semiconductor specialist and technology enabling firm
<a href="http&#58;//" target="_blank">Aixtron Ltd</a> in Cambridge, and deputy Nalin Rupesinghe, also of Aixtron.

A graphene kayak

Spanish automotive interiors specialist and flagship partner Grupo Antolin  has in collaboration with Roman Kayaks developed an innovative kayak that incorporates graphene into its thermoset polymeric matrices. The use of graphene and related materials results in a significant increase in both impact strength and stiffness, improving the resistance to breakage in critical areas of the boat.

Roman Kayaks has participated once again this year at the Canoe Marathon World Championships, where the company presented its novel K-1 kayak incorporating graphene. The marathon was held from 11–13 September in Gyor, Hungary, and represented a must for lovers of this water sport.

"In the Graphene Flagship project, WP11 works as technology enabler for real-world applications," says Teo. "Here we show the world-first K-1 kayak (5.2 metres long), using graphene related materials developed by Grupo Antolin. We are very happy to see that graphene is creating value beyond traditional industries."

Images: copyright © 2015 Roman Kayaks).

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