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A Future and Emerging Technology Flagship

Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Flagships are ambitious large-scale, science-driven, research initiatives that aim to achieve a visionary goal.
FET Flagships will have a transformational impact on science, technology and society overall. They foster coordinated efforts between the EU and its Member States’ national and regional programmes. Highly ambitious; they rely on cooperation across a range of disciplines, communities and programmes, requiring sustained support for up to 10 years.

Six pilot preparatory actions
In order to prepare the launch of the FET Flagships, six preparatory actions (pilots) were funded over a duration of 12 months, starting in May 2011 – as a result of an initial call published in July 2010. During the preparatory phase, the pilots created a design and description of consolidated candidate FET Flagship Initiatives, including assessment of feasibility in scientific, technical and financial terms.

By mid-2012, the six preparatory actions presented a structured community in good position to implement their integrated research agenda, including the involvement and commitment from key stakeholders.

Two winning projects
At the end of 2012, 25 experts evaluated the pilots' work and Vice-President Neelie Kroes announced the two winning projects on 28 January 2013:

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