Flexible Electronics

Flexible Electronics
The Work Package Flexible Electronics aims at developing processes and technologies for flexible devices based on graphene and related 2D materials, especially for low cost and mass-produced applications.

‚ÄčThe main goal of this Work Package is to assess and demonstrate the value of GRM technologies for flexible electronics applications with a high potential impact in the industry and society, including printed electronics, wearable electronics and distributed sensor networks. Two tracks are followed in parallel to reach the objectives; the development of flexible electronics materials and processes towards efficient manufacturing by printing, patterning or transfer of GRM to meet specifications and requirements for flexible electronic components, and the development of flexible functional modules especially targeting sensing, radio and user interface modules where the selected high potential applications are demonstrated by prototype manufacturing.


Work Package Leader: Maria Smolander, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd., Finland
Work Package Deputy: Henri Happy, University of Lille, France 

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Publishing date: 18 September 2019 15:00