Format of EoI

​Each EoI is limited to three A4 pages, and must describe how the organisation meets the specific competence and capability requirements in the topic(s) that it addresses.
​​It must include a description of the organisation in general and the unit relevant to the specific call for EoIs, including name(s) and contact information of the principal investigator(s), as well as resource environment as a whole (e.g., participation in relevant national or international projects) and requested budget. A crucial requirement in the EoI is to demonstrate a genuine commitment at the highest levels towards technology of graphene and related materials. This for example can be shown as a solid track record of work in the area with specific products, demonstrators or prototypes already achieved, or by the existence of a team with sufficient funding and know how, already working on graphene and related materials. The level of funding provided by the Flagship will not be enough to create a new activity on graphene and related materials in an environment that does not have one already. It is meant to align work already ongoing with the overall aims of the Flagship and to enable the organisations to transfer specific know how not available in the present consortium, while at the same time providing them access to the world leading competencies already present in the Flagship.

Expressions of Interest (EoIs) must be sent by email to Dr Ana Helman, ahelman@esf.orgby 12 June 2017, 17:00 CEST. These will be evaluated by the Flagship Executive Board. The evaluation will assess each EoI based on technological competence and impact on the specific needs in the addressed topic and how they complement the existing consortium.

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