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The objective of the Graphene Flagship's governance is to provide the project and all of its stakeholders with effective management and legitimacy of its operations.

The governance is designed to incorporate all of the project's stakeholders, while giving them a voice and accountability in the areas that directly concern them, and promoting the operational efficiency to meet the goals of the project.

 The governance of the Graphene Flagship consists of following bodies:

Decision-Making Bodies

  • The Executive Board; includes members of the Management Panel (see below) and ten members-at-large (elected by the General Assembly)
  • The General Assembly; comprising one representative for each partner institution from the consortium

Advisory Bodies

The Graphene Flagship benefits from the following advisory bodies:

Liaison and Alignment

The Graphene Flagship Governance Forum is a discussion forum that involves representatives from the two flagships (Graphene Flagship and Human Brain Project), the European Commission and EU member states.

The Framework Partnership Board facilitates contact between the Graphene Flagship and the European Commission. It discusses strategic and operational issues relating to the flagship, and may make suggestions to the Executive Board.

The Board of Funders is the framework partnership’s and the core projects’ interface towards national and regional funding organisations.

Management Panel

The Management Panel implements the decisions of the Executive Board and formulates proposals in managing the project. It includes the Director, the Science and Technology Officer, the Head of Innovation and five of the Division Leaders.

The Head of Alignment, the Head of Dissemination and the Vice Director are expected to attend the Management Panel and Executive Board meetings as non-voting members.

Science and Technology Forum

The Science and Technology Forum is a discussion forum in which all Work Package Leaders, their Deputies, Vice Director, and other members of the Management Panel participate. 

Research and Innovation Divisions

The Research Divisions are collections of scientific and technical work packages on related topics or on comparable technology readiness level. Each division is headed by a Division Leader.

Administration and Service Division

The Administration and Service Division holds the work packages on Innovation, Management, Research Management and Alignment. The division leader is the Head of Administration.

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