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​Business Developers

"The business developers are the key players in creating the network connecting our research efforts to industry. Their task ranges from scouting the recipients for our technologies to being messengers from industry when it comes to industry trends, needs and roadmaps. They arrange workshops and help teams to create business models."

Kari Hjelt
Graphene Flagship Head of Innovation

​The Role

The Graphene Flagship's Innovation Work Package has hired business developers to help bridge the gap between the laboratory and the marketplace. Each business developer serves a specific graphene application area and helps to identify industry needs and how graphene can address them. 

Graphene Flagship Business Developers

Lilei Ye - Electronics

Based at Chalmers Industriteknik, Lilei Ye is the business developer for electronics applications for the Graphene Flagship. Shehas more than 10 years of experience on carbon-based materials development on electronics. Lilei has been involved in technical project management interfacing between academia and industry with business development, product development and technology transfer.

Cinzia Spinato - Biomedical

Based at ICN2, Cinzia Spinato is the business developer for biomedical applications for the Graphene Flagship. Spinato has an academic R&D background in carbon nanomaterials for biomedical applications and experience in knowledge and technology transfer and market assessment, especially in the domain of life science and biotechnology.

Henrik Sandberg - Flexible and Wearables

Henrik Sandberg is the business developer for flexible and wearable applications for the Graphene Flagship. He is a principal scientist at the centre for Printable and Hybrid Functionalities at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland. His work is currently focussed on printed electronic devices and circuits, polymer device physics, printing technology and printing ink formulation as well as heterogeneous and monolithic integration for flexible electronics. He specializes in device and circuit development as well as the development of analog printing compatible processing techniques from the lab to the R2R pilot scale and on related ink development, in particular on the topics of thin film polymer transistors and circuits, organic photovoltaics and graphene and other 2D material applications.

Antonios Oikonomou - Flexible and Wearables/

Photonics and Optoelectronics

Antonios Oikonomou is a business developer for the Graphene Flagship (flexible electronics and wearables devices) and for the Graphene and 2D materials project portfolio at ICFO (optoelectronics and photonics). He has proven experience in research to commercialisation activities from intellectual property creation to venture building in the field of advanced materials and microfabrication. Antonios has been involved in technology, product and service development, project management, technology consultancy and business development.

Ali Shaygan Nia  - Composites and Coatings

Based at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Ali Shaygan Nia is a business developer for graphene based coatings and composites for environmental applications such as air/water purification and anticorrosion coatings. He has a PhD in polymer chemistry and more than 6 years experience developing graphene and 2D materials for composites and coatings. He also has invaluable experience on graphene-based product development and commercialization by acting as application engineer of Sixonia Tech which is one the spin-offs of the Graphene Flagship project.

Fabrizio Tubertini - Energy

Fabrizio Tubertini is an innovation specialist for IIT Technology Transfer with 30 years experience in the finance industry with a special focus on true innovation (graphene, robotics), startups  and spinoffs. Tubertini is the business developer for energy applications for the Graphene Flagship.

Torkel Nord Bjärneman - Photonics and Optoelectronics

Based at the University of Cambridge, Torkel Nord Bjärneman is the Business Developer for the optoelectronics and photonics space within the Graphene Flagship. He joined the Innovation Work Package with many years of international experience and a background in business development, graphene and related materials research, and technology transfer. Torkel previously served as the Business Development Manager for the United States National Graphene Association where he actively promoted and facilitated the commercialization of graphene and related materials across multiple industries. At the Cambridge Graphene Centre, he is also serving the role as Business Developer and Research & Innovation Engineer.

Nathan Feddy - Composites

Based at The University of Manchester’s state-of-the-art Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), Nathan Feddy is the business developer for composite applications for the Graphene Flagship. After receiving a Master’s in Metallurgy and Material Engineering, Nathan gained key experience in the financial and nanotechnology consultancy sectors prior to joining the GEIC team. He has participated in, and completed, numerous successful, innovative, commercially viable projects both individually and collaboratively. He has worked with several high profile companies to incorporate graphene into their composite materials/products, to provide multi-faceted performance improvements and additional enhancements.