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​Business Developers

"The business developers are the key players in creating the network connecting our research efforts to industry. Their task ranges from scouting the recipients for our technologies to being messengers from industry when it comes to industry trends, needs and roadmaps. They arrange workshops and help teams to create business models."

Kari Hjelt
Graphene Flagship Head of Innovation
Chalmers Industriteknik

Graphene Flagship Business Developers

​The Role

Beginning in April 2018, with the start of Core 2, the Graphene Flagship's Innovation Work Package has hired business developers to help bridge the gap between the laboratory and the marketplace. Each business developer will serve a specific graphene application area and help to identify industry needs and how graphene can address them. 

Fabrizio Tubertini


​Fabrizio Tubertini is an innovation specialist for IIT Technology Transfer with 30 years experience in the finance industry with a special focus on true innovation (graphene, robotics), startups  and spinoffs. Tubertini is the business developer for energy applications for the Graphene Flagship. 

Mark Dickie


Appointed to his position as applications manager within the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre and business developer for composites applications for the Graphene Flagship, Mark has extensive experience in the composites industry. He has worked in business development at Versarien Advanced Composites, Caparo Advanced Composites and Umeco (formerly Advanced Composites Group).

Johan Hammersberg


​Johan Hammersberg is a technology transfer specialist for SIO Grafen and Chalmers Industriteknik and business developer for electronics applications for the Graphene Flagship with 25 years of experience in research and product development from academia and industry within electronics and photonics for applications in power transmission, telecommunication, automotive, security and defence.

Ari Auvinen

Flexible and Wearables

A scientist with passion for innovation and sports as well as a strong expertise in energy and nanomaterial synthesis sectors, Ari Auvinen created the largest synthesis facility for metallic nanomaterials (TIPU), which received the 1st prize for technical development materials at the Printed Electronics Europe conference (2014). Auvinen also invented intelligent swimming paddles and is currently commercialising IP for the swimming community as well as developing further applications for printed and flexible electronics especially in the health and wellbeing sector.

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