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​The Graphene Flagship fosters the emergence of foundational breakthroughs in graphene science and technologies, and develops new engineering concepts to exploit the unique opportunities offered by graphene and its derivatives.
The Graphene Flagship forms a coordinated European graphene research platform, with two main core activities: to connect the leading national initiatives in Europe and crosslink European research excellences; and to build a pathway for the newly accumulated strategic knowledge, to impact European industries and society.

In recent years there has been a great increase in graphene R&D worldwide, due to the impact that this area of research is expected to exert on tomorrow’s technologies and world economy, with the birth of several national research projects as well as industrial companies active in graphene production and applications, mostly in the USA and Asia.

The Graphene Flagship secures the European level approach that is important because scientific research on graphene is already at an advanced stage, with significant scientific outcomes well demonstrated and reproduced by several groups. The main graphene applications are still several years in the future, which means there is time for Europe to secure a major role in this ongoing technological revolution.

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