Executive Board

Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is the steering group of the Consortium. It proposes decisions and prepares the agenda of the General Assembly (GA).
The EB consists of 18 members of whom 10 members-at-large (these have non-operational tasks within the Project) are elected by the GA. Others are the Flagship Director, the Science and Technology Officer, the Head of Innovation and the six division heads.

​​​​​The Chairman of the Executive Board is Vittorio Pellegrini, IIT, Italy.

The ten members-at-large are as follows:

Annick LoiseauCNRSAcademia
Ken TeoAixtronIndustry
Wolfgang TemplAlcatel-LucentIndustry
Vittorio Pellegrini IITInstitute
Kostas KostarelosUMANAcademia
Mar Garcia-HernandezCSICAcademia
Bart van WeesRUGAcademia
Vincenzo PalermoCNRInstitute
Amaia ZurutuzaGrapheneaIndustry
Frank KoppensICFOInstitute

The Members without voting rights are:

  • Flagship Deputy Director
  • Head of Administration
  • Head of Dissemination
  • Leader of European Alignment and International Collaboration​
  • Secretary of the Strategic Advisory Council
  • Executive Board Secretary​

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