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​Spearhead Projects

The Graphene Flagship funds a number of spearhead projects, initiatives with well-defined, application-oriented objectives that are motivated by market opportu­nities. These spearheads focus on a wide range of application areas, but all have the common goal of developing new or improved products with integrated graphene or related materials (GRM).

"All of the spearhead projects have strong company involvement and are committed to producing industrial prototypes within two years, in order to spur interest among companies that are currently not involved with the Graphene Flagship," says Graphene Flagship Director Jari Kinaret.


The Graphene Flagship has invested in GRAPHIL, a project for the production of innovative filters for household water treatment and portable water purification.
The METROGRAPH Spearhead Project is developing a wide spectrum optical receiver that uses one single technology, graphene photonics, across both the transmitter and receiver, to reduce the costs of photonics integration.
The GRAPES Spearhead Project, announced by the Graphene Flagship, is set to make cost-effective, stable graphene-enabled perovskite panels.
The graphene-based thermoelectric ice protection system (GICE) Spearhead Project is set to advance the technology readiness of graphene in thermoelectric ice protection systems.
The Graphene Flagship launched this initiative to develop graphene-based photonics for use in 5G networks.
The Graphene Flagship invested in the CHEMsens Spearhead Project to develop a graphene based plaster sensor for human skin.
G+BOARD will develop a metal-free dashboard designed to improve functionality, reduce production costs and decrease fuel consumption.
The GBIRCAM Spearhead is developing a camera that detects visible light, near-infrared, short-wavelength infrared and long-wavelength infrared in one single superpixel device, reducing the costs of broad spectrum imaging.
The AUTOVISION Spearhead Project is developing a high-resolution image sensor for autonomous vehicles to detect obstacles and road curvature even in extreme and difficult driving conditions.
The SafeGraph Spearhead Project is set to formulate a clear pathway to market, meaning a more predictable and accessible route for the other graphene-related projects.
The radio frequency identification (RFID) Spearhead Project is making printable RFID sensing a reality.
As part of its Spearhead Projects initiative, the Graphene Flagship invested in research to increase the electrode quality of lithium-ion batteries.
The CircuitBreakers Spearhead Project is developing a grease-free circuit breaker, using graphene's self-lubricating properties to save businesses maintenance costs.
The AEROGrAFT Spearhead Project is set to produce heatable aero-graphene foams, to reduce the cleaning time of aero-material filters in the aerospace industry, saving businesses huge sums of maintenance costs and downtime.
The Graphene Enabled High-Energy Batteries for Automotive Applications (GreenBAT) Spearhead will improve battery technology for electric vehicles.
Solar Farm
As one of the Graphene Flagship's Spearhead Projects, the Solar Farm project is creating the world's first graphene-enabled solar farm.
The WearGRAPH Spearhead Project was created to develop self-powered graphene-based textiles for wearable electronics.