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Women in Graphene & Science at AstraZeneca 2018

Women in Graphene & Science will be held on 8 March 2018 at AstraZeneca in Mölndal, Sweden.

The day will include lectures from scientists from AstraZeneca, Graphene Flagship partners and a communication consultant speaking on master suppression technique, to end the day with a high note: a tour of the site that just celebrated 50 years of innovative science.

Sanna Arpiainen from VTT - Technical Research Centre in Finland, will speak about what it is like to be a woman in science, AstraZeneca Mölndal’s site manager will talk about how the pharmaceutical company works to ensure equality when hiring. Two more speakers are about to be confirmed.

How to deal with bullying, jealousy and challenging behaviours in a winning way?

Elaine Eksvärd is a communication consultant and a respected rhetoric advisor and lecturer. Her lecture contains a mixture of dialogue, creative exercises, and it is an excellent opportunity for those who want to develop rhetoric skills and gain new practical skills in how to deal with people in different contexts. Learn how your personality affects the way you communicate, how to identify and handle suppression techniques.

What motivated Elaine to study rhetoric in the first place was politicians and in the future, she hopes to be able to provide them with a new motto: Don’t make yourself clever, make yourself understood.

For the first time, the Graphene Flagship will support the attendance of selected students (bachelor, master, PhD candidates) to the Women in Graphene meeting through a Student Grant, implemented as funding for travel and accommodation.

Registration is open to people from AstraZeneca, Graphene Flagship Core, Partnering Projects and Associated members until 31 January, and from 1 to 28 February to everyone interested.

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