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Work Package 13: Dissemination

The objectives of the Dissemination work package are:

  • To develop a communicational platform within the project members that can be used as a guarantee for  effective collaboration across work packages.
  • To expand the knowledge and idea of graphene and stimulate cooperation with related initiatives and the rest of the global scientific-industrial community that enhances the impact of the Flagship and contributes to the flexibility of the consortium.
  • To keep national and European decision makers informed about the progress of the project, the challenges faces and the opportunities seized
  • To communicate potentials of graphene and the project, coupled with its benefits for the EU, to a lay audience.
  • Organise events that will provide a focal point and a platform for graphene sciences and technology at the international level: the Graphene Weeks.

Work Package Leader – Elena Novoselova, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Work Package Deputy – Christophe Eléhn, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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