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The Graphene Pavilion: Day Three

​By Siân Fogden

The Graphene Pavilion has gone from strength to strength during the MWC. As day three progressed the level of media interest and number of visitors continued to intensify, taking everyone a little by surprise. All of the exhibitors worked hard to keep up with demand - overall an excellent outcome!
​The arrival of Nobel Laureate Prof. Kostya Novoselov brought a fresh injection of energy to the Pavilion. As an inspiration to many exhibitors at the Pavilion, it was a pleasure to hear him talk about the potential to move graphene forward. A visit from the CEO of the GSMA, (the organisers of the MWC and ideological and commercial supporter of our Pavilion), John Hoffman, who was accompanied by FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique created quite a media stir. It was a unique and memorable moment to see Prof. Novoselov explaining graphene and its potential to Pique, who also enjoyed playing the ‘Graphene Piano’ from Novalia and discovering about the ‘brain control’ display, (illustrating the potential for placing electrodes directly onto the brain), by ICN2 (CNM/CIBER/IDIBAPS).

Having been written up by a tech blogger, FlexEnable saw a significant increase in media and visitor numbers specifically seeking out their stand - a great result for this small company. nVision and PiandBi were also a hit after live streaming their graphene-based NO2 sensors from central Barcelona. ZapnGo, who have an ultra fast graphene based charging technology saw a lot of interest. Visitors to AMO were amazed by the flexible nature of their graphene based chips, brand new technology only presented for the first time three weeks ago.
On his arrival at the pavilion Jari Kinaret, Director for the Graphene Flagship, congratulated everyone saying “I’m very impressed by our Pavilion and the interest it has generated”.

Images: © 2016 R. Josa, ICFO.

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Publishing date: 27 April 2016 13:01