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Work Package 10: Nanocomposites

The scientific and technological challenge addressed in the “Nanocomposites” group originates from a simple but fundamental concept:
  • ​the impressive properties quoted for graphene refer to individual, defect-free sheets, usually obtained by mechanical exfoliation, and suspended to avoid interaction with any perturbing substrate.
In many applications, however, graphene layers with properties inferior to the ideal ones will need to be used. In order to have an impact upon society, the ideal properties of graphene sheets will have to be transferred from the atomic scale to the meso- or macroscopic level (continuous layers or bulk materials).

Work Package Leader – Dr. Vincenzo Palermo, CNR National Research Council, Italy
Work Package Deputy – Dr. Xinliang Feng, Max-Planck Society, Germany

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Publishing date: 27 April 2016 13:01
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