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Work Package 8: Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronics is the next ubiquitous platform for the electronics industry.
​It is making truly conformal, reliable or even transparent electronic applications possible in the foreseeable future. Graphene, as a thin flexible ultra-strong film and an extremely good conductor, is the most natural choice for flexible electronic systems. Graphene will be also an enabling platform for a plethora of applications, in a way similar and complementary to the present silicon technology.

The “Flexible Electronics” group plays a key role in the development of commercial applications within Graphene Flagship. The consortium involved in the work package aims to cover the full supply chain from basic materials such as inks and graphene substrates, to component development and finally to full flexible system integration.

Work Package Leader – Dr. Jani Kivioja, NOKIA Research Center, United Kingdom
Work Package Deputy – Dr. Sebastiano Ravesi, STMicroelectronics, Italy

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Publishing date: 27 April 2016 13:01
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