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Young researcher for young science

Xinliang Feng presents the Graphene Study 2014 – annual school on graphene launched by the Graphene Flagship.
- Considering that graphene chemistry is quite new field of science, how did you get into it?
The graphene chemistry is not a really new field. Since the first publication of controlled synthesis of hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene and surface-visualization of single graphene molecule by Klaus Müllen, this field has been established for almost 20 years.

- You have a great experience of participating at the international conferences on graphene – is there any difference for you to be a part of the school on graphene?
For graphene school, I think that the lectures will be at the basic level. It is a good opportunity for young students to gain quick knowledge about the general development of graphene. On the other hand, as the graphene school is tightly connected with the graphene flagship, the lectures will be delivered by true experts with long-term experiences on graphene.

- You background is applied science how you will make your lectures interesting for students with focus on fundamental science on graphene?
My field is focused on the application-oriented fundamental science. Therefore, it will be have good combination between fundamental research and practical applications of graphene.

- Who is the main target audience of your lectures? Do you plan to showcase and discuss the latest state of research in the field?
I expect that the main audience will be PhD and master students, as well as postdoctorals who just enter into the field. Surely, I like to discuss some latest development of graphene research in my field.

- During your lectures at the Graphene Study are you going to focus exclusively on your own work or rather present a critical overview of your topics? Can you imagine to present not only fundamental concepts but non-answered questions in their field as well as?
I will give an overview of graphene chemistry and related materials synthesis and applications, with more focus on our own work. But certainly, I will also cover some important work made by other research groups. For some cases, I would also like to point out some challenges remained in our research field.

- What is your personal dream concerning graphene’s future? 
I would hope that graphene can be really a key material in our future electronic technologies.

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Publishing date: 27 April 2016 12:59

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