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GRAPHIL Spearhead Project

Developing compact water filters based on graphene.

GRAPHIL Industrial Leader

Medica S.p.A., Italy


Leader: Letizia Bocchi, Medica S.p.A., Italy.
Deputy: Manuela Melucci, CNR, Italy. 

GRAPHIL: Purifying water with graphene filtration

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century is to provide access to safe, clean water for everyone, and to reduce the plastic waste resulting from bottled water consumption. European water quality is generally high, but many factors contribute to an increase in the number of contaminants released into the environment every day and many are resistant to conventional purification technologies.  GRAPHIL, a project for the production of innovative filters for household water treatment and portable water purification, was conceived to make sure everyone has clean and safe tap water.

Working alongside industrial partners, Icon LifesaverMedica SpA and Polymem S.A — European industry leaders in the water purification sector —  GRAPHIL works to produce innovative water filters that can easily be connected directly to a house- hold sink, or used as a portable water purification device, to ensure easy access to safe drinking water for a sustainable cost. To this end, GRAPHIL aims to manufacture a compact filtration system using polymeric hollow fibre membranes blended with graphene.

GRAPHIL’s filters will combine membrane filtration and absorption mechanisms to remove both microbiological and inorganic contaminants. Ultrafiltration and microfiltration allow for the removal of bacteria and pathogens, while graphene-enabled adsorption targets inorganic contaminants.

With an estimated date for commercialisation in 2023, the project aims to produce a compact filter that can be connected directly onto a household sink or used as a portable water purifying device, to ensure all households have access to safe drinking water.

GRAPHIL filters work as a simple microfiltration membrane, reducing water loss and maintenance costs for end-users.

Letizia Bocchi
GRAPHIL Spearhead Project Leader


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