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Graphene Flagship Events

Upcoming Events

hand holding light bulb. innovation concept
29 April 2021

Innovation Webinar: April

In this webinar, CEO Martin Lohe will give an in-depth insight into Sixonia Tech’s core technology, including product development and strategic aspects of its electrochemical process used to obtain graphene compounds. This webinar is organized by the Graphene Flagship Innovation Work Package and is open for all.

EuroNanoForum banner
5-6 May 2021

EuroNanoForum 2021

The EuroNanoForum online conference to be held May 5th-6th will address the role of nano-enabled technologies and industries in the transformation towards EU prosperity. The event will bring forward the role of R&I, as well as the opportunities offered by EU’s next Framework Programme; Horizon Europe.

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27 May 2021

Innovation Webinar: May

In this webinar, Piers Andrew, one of Emberion’s founders, describes the company’s genesis as a spin-out from a multinational and its subsequent evolution into an independent entity. He will relate the journey taken from the initial “hero” devices made in the laboratory – through twists and turns – to the development of a saleable product.

Graphene Week 2019 speakers
20-24 September 2021

Graphene Week 2021

Graphene Week is Europe's Leading Graphene Conference, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology and research on graphene from more than 200 experts related to industry and academia.

The Graphene Flagship organises a variety of events for researchers, industry and early career researchers in order to inspire you to engage in better research, innovation and collaboration. The project is also represented at external tradeshows and exhibitions. 

Which events are right for you?

For Researchers

Our events for researchers include our annual conference Graphene Week, our workshops for early career researchers Graphene Study, our International Workshops which encourage collaborations with researchers in many other parts of the world, and our digital events.

For Industry

The Graphene Flagship organises several events for industry including the Graphene Marketplace events hosted by Graphene Flagship partners who wish to promote graphene applications in their companies and Innovation Workshops created to foster innovation projects between academia and industry.

In addition to our own industry events, the Graphene Flagship showcases graphene applications at industry tradeshows and exhibitions.

For Students

The Graphene Flagship promotes the education of early career researchers with its Graphene Study events.

Three women reading at the Graphene Week 2019

For Diversity

The Diversity in Graphene initiative aims to create a collaborative research environment where everybody feels welcome, without any prejudice. The initiative holds two annual meetings, a career day and a meeting at the Graphene Week conference.

Past Events

water splash
12 April 2021

2D-TECH webinar

In this webinar, you will hear Letizia Bocchi, leader of the Graphene Flagship Spearhead Project Graphil, speak about graphene-enhanced filters for water puritication. Bocchi is also Board Member at GRAPHIL Industrial Leader Medica SpA. The webinar will take place on Monday, 12 April, 15:00-16:00.

Doctor with a tablet.
26 November 2020

Graphene For Heathcare

Graphene For Healthcare will provide insights on the medical technology patent landscape, future opportunities and commercialisation challenges to the application of graphene and related materials. This virtual event took place on 26 November 2026.

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22-24 September 2020

Graphene For Research, Innovation, Collaboration

Graphene For Research, Innovation, Collaboration highlighted aspects from the entire breadth and depth of the Graphene Flagship. Day one focused on cutting-edge graphene research. Day two highlighted our industrialisation efforts and commercialisation successes. Day three focused on our societal impact with sessions on our international collaborations, sustainability and diversity.

Pisa, Italy
18 - 20 November 2019

EU-Japan Workshop 2019

The 4th Graphene Flagship EU-Japan Workshop on Graphene and related 2D materials was held on 18-20 November 2019, at Palazzo della Carovana, in Pisa, Italy. The goal of this workshop was the exchange of experiences, practices and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with graphene and related 2D materials in the field of electronics, spintronics, plasmonics, valleytronics, optoelectronics and photonics. A special focus has been given to fundamental materials synthesis, physics and devices.

Seoul, Korea
21 - 23 October 2019

Korea-EU Workshop 2019

The 5th EU-Korea Workshop on Graphene and Related Materials was held on 21-23 October 2019 at Yonsei University, in Seoul, Korea. The workshop's aim was to be a forum for the exchange of experiences, practices, and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with the basic chemistry approach, materials synthesis, application development and commercialization for graphene and related 2D materials.

Shanghai, China
16 ‐ 18 October 2019

China-EU Workshop 2019

The 3rd Graphene Flagship EU-China Workshop on Graphene and related 2D materials was held on 16-18 October 2019, at Shanghai Institute of Microsystem Information Technology (SIMIT), Shanghai, China. The workshop's goal was to be a forum for the exchange of experiences, practices and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with the fundamental materials synthesis, physics and devices for graphene and related 2D materials. In addition, the objective is to explore further possibilities for collaborative research opportunities between researchers in Europe and China.

Group photo at the 5th Graphene Flagship International Workshop
09 - 10 May 2019

US-EU Workshop 2019

The 5th Graphene Flagship US-EU Workshop on Graphene and 2D Materials was held on 9-10 May 2019 at Penn State University, jointly with the 7th Annual "Graphene and Beyond: From Atoms to Applications" Workshop. Co-organized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the European Graphene Flagship project, this workshop aimed at enhancing synergy within the community and build toward a strong future in 2D crystal science and technology, perpetuating the strong tradition of collaboration between the European Union and the US.