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Technology and Innovation Roadmap

Graphene Flagship innovations pave the way to the market

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The Graphene Flagship’s Technology and Innovation Roadmap (TIR) demonstrates various paths that graphene can take to transition from the lab to use in industrial applications. The roadmap aggregates a common view on graphene and related materials (GRM) and offers strategic guidance for both the Graphene Flagship and the industrial uptake of graphene. The Roadmap establishes a timeline for when one can expect graphene to be applied to different application areas and investigates the evolution and potential societal and industrial impacts of GRM-enhanced technologies.

The latest version of the TIR specifically explored four promising areas for graphene commercialisation: supercapacitors, anti-corrosion, Li-ion batteries and neural interfaces. By expanding to new focus investigation topics, the industrialisation roadmap team hopes to both explore and obtain a deeper understanding of diverse graphene applications, while fostering their impact on European industries.

While the GRM market is expanding, there are still obstacles to growth. The outcomes of the roadmap work also show the lack of application-oriented and traceable material quality standards of graphene. This means the Graphene Flagship’s standardisation efforts will be key to the success of graphene in the marketplace.


Application Areas

Composites, Bulk Applications & Coatings

This section of the Graphene Flagship Technology and Innovation Roadmap covers the use of graphene and other 2D materials as bulk materials, additives to composite materials and coatings.

Energy Generation & Storage

Graphene applications in energy vary from fuel cells, hydrogen generation and (gas) storage, batteries, supercapacitors to photovoltaics.

Electronics & Photonics

Due to the interesting electronic and optical properties of graphene and 2D materials, it is obvious that many different applications are possible in this field.

Biomedical Applications

Graphene applications in drug delivery, biosensing, antibacterial material, bone prostheses and small implants are quite interesting. However, the research in all fields of application is still at an early stage.

Cover image: Nanoscale journal's Roadmap publication.

Past editions

The Technology and Innovation Roadmap is an iterative project with updates being released on a regular basis.  

In 2015, the journal Nanoscale published the first version.  

A second version was delivered to the European Commission in 2017.