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As a large research initiative, the Graphene Flagship yields many outputs, including several scientific publications.
EU Funded

Graphene Flagship is research

This page gives you an overview the Graphene Flagship publications and hints on how to find them. Up to November 2022, we have published well over 5200 items, the vast majority are peer-reviewed articles of original research (over 4000). Almost all are the result of collaboration between Graphene Flagship partners, and often other institutions as well.

This graph represents the number of publications (bars) and number of citations (black line) per year. The different colours represent the different funding phases of the the Graphene Flagship project, which officially kicked-off in 2013. 

Notes: Each phase of the project corresponds to a different grant number, hence some publications refer to more than one grant, and some of them refer to the Graphene Flagship project as a whole rather than any specific grant number. This graphic was generated in July 2023, so data for that year is incomplete).

The Graphene Flagship also rely on national funding of partnering projects via the FLAG-ERA initiative. Partnering projects are part of the Graphene Flagship consortium through our Partnering Division. The above figure shows the number of publications that acknowledge both a core project and the partnering project. (Last updated: August 2023).

Graphene Flagship is collaboration

Our 170+ partners spread over Europe keep active research and innovation collaborations with  organisations outside our network. The following graphic visualises these collaborations: larger blob represent more scientific articles, and thicker lines represent more co-authorships. Colours indicate clusters of closer collaboration.


Country collaborations

Our publications cover a variety of topics. The graphic below gathers the 500 most common keywords in our scientific papers. Bigger blobs represent more frequent words, and more lines mean they appear in the same articles. Colours indicate cluster of keywords that appear more often together.

500 keywords

The Graphene Flagship started in October 2013, and it has since been bound to different grant agreements with the European Commission, of which two are currently running in parallel (October 2020). Because each article should acknowledge the funding using the grant agreement numbers and names, this provides an easy way to find all of our scientific publications.

For our own analysis and reports, we regularly use databases behind a paywall, like Web of Science and SCOPUS. However, you may also use databases that are open to the public free of charge, for example: Google Scholar, and WorldWideScience.

To grab the information displayed in this webpage, we used the following search strings, which include all our grant agreement numbers and names, as well as the different names for the different Graphene Flagship project phases:

604391 OR 649953 OR 696656 OR 696656 OR 785219 OR 881603 OR 952792 OR GrapheneCore1 OR GrapheneCore2 GrapheneCore3 OR Graphene Core 1 OR Graphene Core 2 OR GrapheneCore 3 OR 2D-EPL OR Graphene Flagship OR Graphene FET Flagship