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Safe by Design

Ensure a safe development of 2DM technology and in the long term, a sustainable market entry/penetration of 2DM-based products. Proposals should comply with the Safe and Sustainable by Design framework 252 and criteria. Includes the development of Safe and Sustainable by Design two-dimensional materials (2DM) technology; societal acceptance of 2DM and 2DM-based technologies; and a set of robust and verified assays for toxicity and eco-toxicity testing of 2DM, to support regulatory requirements for their registration and authorisation for use.



The SAFARI project aims to develop new 2D materials using sustainable and safe processes. The project focuses on creating hybrid formulations of MXenes and graphene, which are known to possess unique and desirable properties such as thermal stability and electrical conductivity. The goal of the project is to develop sustainable and safe materials that can be used in a wide range of applications such as biosensors, conductive ink, and EMI shielding.

Stethoscope, health and safety

Health and safety

The Graphene Flagship is committed to health and safety and has from its inception invested in research studying the effects of these new materials on our health and the world around us. As part of this work Graphene Flagship researchers have released a comprehensive review article reporting on the current knowledge of the safety of graphene and layered materials with a detailed analysis of numerous biological interactions of graphene and layered materials. It can be accessed online here.

Health and safety

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Safety by design paves the way to a sustainable project

As the drive to commercialise graphene continues, it is important to thoroughly research and understand all factors that could influence its safety. The Graphene Flagship project has a dedicated Health and Environment Work Package to study the impact of graphene and layered materials on human health, as well as their impact on the environment.

By Graphene Flagship / 07 July 2023
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