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These projects address 2D material (2DM) composites, aero-gels and foams that can bring the full nanoscopic functionality of 2DM from nano- and microscale into the macroscopic world. There is also a special focus on new multifunctional recyclable materials enabling solutions to environmental challenges.



GIANCE offers innovative solutions to environmental challenges and establishes a holistic, integrated, and industrial-driven platform for the design, development, and scalable fabrication of the next generation of cost-effective, sustainable, lightweight, recyclable graphene and related materials (GRM)-based multifunctional composites, coatings, foams, and membranes (GRM-bM) with enhanced properties (e.g. thermal, mechanical, chemical), functionalities (e.g. wear, corrosion, chemical and fire resistance, hardness and impact resistance, high temperature resistance, structural health monitoring, ultralow friction surfaces), and as enablers for hydrogen storage.

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