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The Graphene Flagship is a #DecadeStrong 

The Graphene Flagship celebrates its ten-year anniversary this year. For this reason, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the progress we have made, the milestones we have reached and, most of all, the people who have made it possible.

Celebrating key milestones for the Graphene Flagship

Graphene Flagship Director Patrik Johansson
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Graphene Flagship Exhibition Opens in Brussels

On Friday, 26 April 2024, the Graphene Flagship launched an exhibition celebrating the initiative's decade of success and plans for the future in the European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) offices in Brussels. Roberto Viola, Director-General for DG CNECT delivered the keynote talk, praising the success of the project and its contribution to the European 2D materials ecosystem.

By Graphene Flagship / 03 May 2024
Graphene Flagship sign
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Ten years of research, innovation and collaboration: the Graphene Flagship and the 2DM community

The Graphene Flagship was funded to ensure that Europe would maintain its lead in graphene research and innovation following the scientific breakthrough of graphene’s isolation at the University of Manchester. The European Commission launched the unprecedented long-term and large-scale Flagship research initiatives to tackle major challenges in science and technology, bringing positive changes that benefit society and the economy and advance European leadership in technology and industry. A decade on, we are proud to say that the Graphene Flagship has delivered on its promise. The clearly achieved objectives within scientific excellence, as well as societal and economic impact are detailed inside these pages.

By Graphene Flagship / 11 December 2023
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cover image Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022

The latest Graphene Flagship Annual Report reflects on a decade of 2D materials innovation. Celebrating 10 years, the Graphene Flagship has brought graphene out of the lab and into commercial applications. This edition of the annual report highlights the project's journey from fundamentals to applications. Features cover the Graphene Flagship's concrete outputs, successes and the 2D Experimental Pilot Line's first multi project wafer run.

Read our interactive report here or download the report here to learn about all about the Graphene Flagship’s achievements, highlights and success stories from 2022.

Read the interactive report

Graphene Flagship outputs


Graphene is being used to enable the next generation of technology: from interconnects for 5G data communication to wearable health monitors, and even flexible mobile screens. 


There is a growing appetite for spin-offs and SMEs that have grown out of research. Here are some Graphene Flagship spin-offs setting the pace in graphene and related materials (GRM) commercialisation.


As the world strives to maintain its pace of innovation, graphene has much to offer. Graphene is helping to facilitate the next generation of technology: from 5G telecommunications, to flexible mobile screens and casings. Its excellent sensing ability can enhance the next generation of wearable electronics and drive the internet of things. Graphene’s unique combination of properties coupled with its ease of incorporation into composite materials enable advances in the composite world. Graphene is also expanding the realm of possibility within the biomedical sector, paving the way for targeted drug delivery and biosensors.

Spearhead ventures

One third of the Core 3 funding was invested into spearhead projects, a bold move to maximise the impact of the Graphene Flagship in the innovation ecosystem and the European economy.

The Graphene Flagship spearheads

Graphene Flagship evolution

economic growth depicted by sapling growing on a pile of coins

Economic Impact Report

To properly assess the Graphene Flagship’s economic impact, we commissioned a report from WifOR, an independent economic research institute. By analysing our project outputs, growth in key European industries and the distribution of the original investment by the European Commission, WifOR was able to estimate the project’s impact. Based on a total investment of €1.4 billion in European projects for graphene and related materials, the Graphene Flagship contributed a gross value added of €5.8 billion and helped to create 81,622 jobs in Europe. The Graphene Flagship has yielded an impact 14.5 times higher than the European Commission’s direct investment in the project of €401 million over the past ten years.

The full economic report is available here.