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The Graphene Flagship initiative is working toward the industrialisation of 2D materials on all levels. From the global perspective, the initiative seeks to support all the projects in business development, patent filing and industrial outreach. Each project also seeks to promote innovative applications of 2D materials in their individual focus areas. 

Graphene Flagship initiative focus areas

Electronics + Photonics

These projects support the development of 2DM-based devices and systems bringing 2DM technology one step further towards the integration in current technologies and to the development of radically new prototypes. The aim is to offer new technological solutions with improved performance and reduced energy consumption providing significant advances towards the integration of 2D materials.


The aim of these projects is to develop solutions that demonstrate the potential added value of 2DM- based energy storage like large energy storage technologies, beyond current Li-ion, for electric power grids/solar farms/wind farms with increased performances in terms of durability, safety, energy density and power density.


These projects build on the multi-functionality allowed by 2DMs to demonstrate the advantages of combining e.g. biocompatibility, chemical stability, (bio-) sensing and actuating, and integration with flexible electronic technologies, in addition to versatile surface chemistry (for interface with biology) which allows for continuous health monitoring and built-in pharmacological interventions.


These projects address 2D material (2DM) composites, aero-gels and foams that can bring the full nanoscopic functionality of 2DM from nano- and microscale into the macroscopic world. There is also a special focus on new multifunctional recyclable materials enabling solutions to environmental challenges.

2D materials of tomorrow

The aim of these projects is to develop high-quality 2DM and hetero-structures platforms by exploiting most promising emerging 2DM and/or discovering new ones, and combining them in functional systems and hetero-structures. This should be achieved by pushing the boundaries of growth, characterisation methods, deposition and layer-by-layer assembly of atomically thin crystals supported by multiscale theoretical modelling of materials and devices.

Safe by design

Proposals should comply with the Safe and Sustainable by Design framework 252 and criteria. Includes the development of Safe and Sustainable by Design two-dimensional materials (2DM) technology; societal acceptance of 2DM and 2DM-based technologies; and a set of robust and verified assays for toxicity and eco-toxicity testing of 2DM, to support regulatory requirements for their registration and authorisation for use.

space telescope

Industrial outreach

Innovation Workshops

The Graphene Flagship's Innovation Workshops are a series of industry workshops aiming to create new innovation projects between academia and industry. The ultimate outcome of the workshops is to plan for actions realising collaborative innovation projects within and outside of the Graphene Flagship consortium.

Innovation Forum

The Graphene Innovation Forum at the Graphene Flagship's annual conference, Graphene Week, is a good spot to learn about the latest graphene innovations, spin-off company successes, and the future of the graphene industry.

Graphene Marketplace

Graphene Marketplace is an initiative launched by the Graphene Flagship to promote graphene applications among industrial partners. Marketplace events are organised in collaboration with partners to showcase the cutting edge research and development ongoing throughout the Flagship with the aim of exploring new possibilities for graphene related materials.