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The Graphene Flagship

What makes the Graphene Flagship?

Discover who we are, how we were formed, and understand more about the FET Flagship framework.

How we work

How are we organised?

Our 12 Research and Innovation Actions and Innovation Actions – in collaboration with activities funded by the EU member states and associated countries – work to integrate graphene and other 2D materials in a variety of areas. The overall coherence of the Graphene Flagship initiative is guaranteed by the GrapheneEU Coordination and Support Action.


How is the Graphene Flagship funded?

The Graphene Flagship is a scientific research and innovation initiative funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe framework. 

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The Graphene Flagship initiative aims at advancing Europe’s strategic autonomy in technologies that rely on graphene and other 2D materials and sustaining the first-mover advantage that Europe has obtained through earlier investments. The overall coherence of the Graphene Flagship initiative is guaranteed by a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that allows the separate actions to exploit synergies in their scientific and technological activities and work more efficiently by utilising common services and support functions.

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Meet the team