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International Workshops

The Graphene Flagship develops its international collaborations around a series of workshops

EU Funded

The Graphene Flagship develops its international collaborations around a series of workshops with several countries to discuss the latest advances in graphene and related 2D materials research, and identify opportunities for future collaborations. Workshops are jointly organised in Europe and overseas by Graphene Flagship and counterpart researchers in the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia and China.

Chairman of the Graphene Flagship Executive Board Ken Teo from Aixtron Limited in the United Kingdom highlights the importance of international collaborations to the project.

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The Graphene Flagship's International Workshops have forged connections between researchers from Europe to the world.

Upcoming Events

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29 April 2021

Innovation Webinar: April

In this webinar, CEO Martin Lohe will give an in-depth insight into Sixonia Tech’s core technology, including product development and strategic aspects of its electrochemical process used to obtain graphene compounds. This webinar is organized by the Graphene Flagship Innovation Work Package and is open for all.

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5-6 May 2021

EuroNanoForum 2021

The EuroNanoForum online conference to be held May 5th-6th will address the role of nano-enabled technologies and industries in the transformation towards EU prosperity. The event will bring forward the role of R&I, as well as the opportunities offered by EU’s next Framework Programme; Horizon Europe.

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27 May 2021

Innovation Webinar: May

In this webinar, Piers Andrew, one of Emberion’s founders, describes the company’s genesis as a spin-out from a multinational and its subsequent evolution into an independent entity. He will relate the journey taken from the initial “hero” devices made in the laboratory – through twists and turns – to the development of a saleable product.

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