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International Workshops

A mechanism for exchange on the latest developments in the field of graphene and 2D materials with leading groups worldwide and to identify common challenges and opportunities for collaborations.

EU Funded

The Graphene Flagship develops its international collaborations around a series of workshops with several countries to discuss the latest advances in graphene and related 2D materials research, and identify opportunities for future collaborations. Workshops are jointly organised in Europe and overseas by Graphene Flagship and counterpart researchers in the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia and China. Some of the international activities, in particular with the United States, Korea and Japan, began during the ramp-up phase and have continued in Core 1 and Core 2. Some new ones, namely with China and Australia, were launched in Core 1 and Core 2 respectively.

The key areas of interest and global challenges in the field that have emerged systematically during these interactions are the synthesis and exploration of fundamental materials properties, as well as GRM processing and device engineering. Other areas of high interest, in line with the higher TRL trends within the Graphene Flagship, are energy applications, graphene production and its use for protective coatings and composites. Certification and standardisation services, as well as commercialisation and technology roadmap are among hot topics of common interest explored in the frame of the international workshops. More industry driven discussions and interactions are expected to take place in future events.

Chairman of the Graphene Flagship Executive Board Ken Teo from Aixtron

Video: Graphene is... Collaboration

Chairman of the Graphene Flagship Executive Board Ken Teo from Aixtron Limited in the United Kingdom highlights the importance of international collaborations to the project.

International Workshop Series

Collaboration with USA

Learn about past collaborations between Graphene Flagship and American researchers and view past editions.

Collaboration with Korea

Learn about past collaborations between Graphene Flagship and Korean researchers and view past editions.

Collaboration with Japan

Learn about past collaborations between Graphene Flagship and Japanese researchers and view past editions.

Collaboration with China

Learn about past collaborations between Graphene Flagship and Chinese researchers and view past editions.

Collaboration with Australia

Learn about past collaborations between Graphene Flagship and Australian researchers and view past editions.

Upcoming Events

Graphene hexagons
25-28 June 2024

Graphene Flagship at Graphene Conference 2024

If you are attending Graphene 2024, don't miss Graphene Flagship project GIANCE's workshop on June 26. Discover insights on sustainable graphene, printed technologies, graphene-based membranes, and more. Also, Kari Hjelt from Chalmers Industriteknik will be talking about the 10 years of Graphene Flagship and the way ahead, offering unique insights you won’t want to miss!

blue hexagons
June 30‑July 03 2024

Graphene Flagship at IEEE FLEPS 2024

ARMS, GRAPHERGIA, SOLiD and SUPERIOT will hold the joint workshop "Synergizing Sustainability: Integrating Advanced Energy Storage with Harvesting for Wearable Electronics" on June 30 from 14:00 to 17:00. This workshop will delve into the forefront of energy-autonomous self-powered wearable electronic devices, focusing on the dynamic interaction between energy harvesting systems and transformative energy storage solutions, specifically batteries and supercapacitors.

Electronic circuit
9 September 2024

ESSERC 2024 “2D Materials: Challenges and Opportunities" Workshop

2D materials have triggered enormous interest over the past 15 years, thanks to their interesting electronic and optical properties, which have propelled them as viable candidates for replacing/complementing the good-old Silicon in future semiconductor technology nodes. Nevertheless, several tough challenges need to be addressed to take the opportunities ahead. In this workshop, we will give an account of a few relevant R&D areas, outlining key attention points in material growth, integration, and reliability, and we will sample applications domain opportunities, underlining the unique advantages of the 2D materials, which recommend them as prime contenders for continuing the physical/functional scaling, as well as for expanding into the applications space, for the years/decades to come.

Prague bridge
14-18 October 2024

Graphene Week 2024

Supported by the European Commission, Graphene Week 2024 stands at the forefront of cutting-edge research, innovation, and technology. As Europe's leading and longest-running event on 2D Materials it unites over 500 international experts and students to discuss key topics concerning to graphene and 2DM. In 2024 the programme welcomes over 200 speakers, the Innovation Forum, the Exhibition and dedicated sessions on diversity, early career development, EC future opportunities, 2DM for the future and much more. Join us for the 19th edition of Graphene Week in Prague, let’s turn wonder into action!

IOP Publishing Workshop

While the 2D materials community celebrates 20 years since the isolation of graphene, IOP Publishing’s 2D Materials journal celebrates its 10-year anniversary. The journal will mark this occasion with a special contribution to the Graphene Week 2024 conference to be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

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