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These projects support the development of 2DM-based devices and systems bringing 2DM technology one step further towards the integration in current technologies and to the development of radically new prototypes and/or solutions for industry for a wide range of application areas overcoming integration costs, functionalities and/or power consumption challenges.

The aim is to offer new technological solutions with improved performance and reduced energy consumption providing significant advances towards the integration of 2D materials (2DM) technology, and the emergence of competitive value chains in graphene in Europe.




The need for a next-generation computing platform becomes clear from IoT and 5G/6G and their high performance and low power requirements. Now, graphene and 2D materials (2DM) offer the unique ability to enable highly confined nonlinear interactions of light at low powers and at extremely low response times in the femtosecond range. However, it must be integrated with CMOS low-loss silicon nitride (SiN) platform that facilitates the possibility to create circuits for fast, low power, high bandwidth, general purpose computing and memory completely in the optical domain.


Graphene and 2D materials (2DM) have proven superior optoelectronic properties and performance in a plethora of applications with respect to conventional materials. Despite that, specific integration and processing challenges are impeding the industrial uptake of 2DM. In particular, the wafer-scale integration of high-quality and defect free 2DM layers, without disrupting the process-line Si foundries, has not been demonstrated.


The 2DNEURALVISION project aims to develop the enabling photonic and electronic integrated circuit components for a novel low-power consumption, any weather, any light computer vision system. These components are a 2DM enhanced wide-spectrum image sensor and optical neural  network with enabling 2DM components.

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photodetector photonics light illustration
Photonics / Annual Report 2023

Graphene and 2D materials in photonics: A revolutionary leap in technology

In the vast landscape of modern science and technology, graphene and two-dimensional materials (2DM) have emerged as game-changers, revolutionising industries with their remarkable properties and diverse applications. Among the myriad fields benefiting from their extraordinary characteristics, photonics stands out as one of the most promising domains. Photonics, the science and technology of generating, detecting and controlling photons, has found new avenues for innovation and advancement through the integration of graphene and 2D materials. In this article, we delve into the captivating realm of photonics and explore how graphene and 2D materials are reshaping its landscape, opening up unprecedented possibilities and paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries. 

By Graphene Flagship / 02 July 2024
Photonic integrated chip in blue and orange colour scheme.
GATEPOST / Graphene / Electronics

First photonic integrated GATEPOST chip

First major milestone achieved in the EU GATEPOST project: All eight European project partners from industry and science meet to discuss the progress of the project and reflect on the development work of the last six months.

By Graphene Flagship / 29 May 2024
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