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Graphene is one of the world's most interesting and versatile materials. Discover more about its potential to disrupt multiple industries and bring innovative technologies to the market.

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Discover the potential of graphene

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Graphene is being used to enable the next generation of technology: from interconnects for 5G data communication, to wearable health monitors, and even flexible mobile screens. Find out more about how graphene is advancing sectors from biomedical technologies to opto-electronics.


Our Partners and Associated Members are constantly developing and bringing new graphene products to the market, from wearable health monitors, to graphene inks and paints, and mass production systems. Have you had the chance to use a graphene-enabled product yet?


Graphene is part of a whole family of related materials, each with distinct properties and applications. Different types of graphene are produced and processed in different ways, but today the Graphene Flagship is focused on scaling-up production, whilst maintaining quality.